Oct 31, 2023

Question of the Day: What traditional Día de los Muertos item has seen a bump in sales in recent years?

The production of this item has been hit hard by higher costs, but a return to public celebrations is expected to offer a boost to sales.

Answer: Marigolds, called cempasúchil in Mexico, are also known as the "flower of the dead"



  • Do you have any items that you purchase to celebrate a family tradition or holiday? Why are those important to you?
  • How might an increase in marigold sales benefit growers after a higher cost season of growing the product?
  • Marigolds have increased in price due to the higher cost of growing in recent seasons. What other items have increased in price due to higher production costs?


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Behind the numbers (Reuters):

"Marigolds, called cempasúchil in Mexico, are known as the "flower of the dead" and their scent is believed to attract the souls of the dead back into the land of the living.

In the flower-producing district of Xochimilco in Mexico City, workers have been transporting the bright orange flowers through canals to flower markets, where they are snapped up by families to decorate houses and Day of the Dead altars.

"We have always planted marigolds from the time of our ancestors," said local flower grower Cristobal Garcia. "It is said that the color and the aroma make our dead visit us."

Like many other industries, marigold growers have been hit hard by higher costs - including a jump in the price of fertilizer. But a return to public celebrations after two years of pandemic restrictions is expected to offer a boost to sales."



For more information about the importance of marigolds for Día de los Muertos, read this NPR article!


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