Oct 30, 2023

NGPF Podcast Episodes from October: Insights, Inspiration, and Intriguing Conversations!

Did you know that NGPF converts the Speaker Series sessions into podcast episodes? ICYMI, listen to these three episodes from the month of October featuring three remarkable people empowering youth with lessons in financial literacy.

Ted Daniels, Founder of the Society of Financial Education and Professional Development

This podcast features Ted Daniels, a former U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development employee, who left his career to establish a nonprofit focused on financial education. His journey began with educating friends and family and expanded to colleges, where he observed improved student retention and graduation rates. Ted also touches on the Ambassador Program, which empowers college students to teach financial literacy, fostering a ripple effect of life skills improvement.

Chris Corinthian, Founder of FinLit University

Chris Corinthian's framework for minimizing student loan debt involves using tools like the Common App, College Board Scholarship Search, Scholly, and Google to discover scholarships tailored to one's interests and deadlines. He suggests students take advantage of local resources, such as alumni associations, to find scholarships that are often less competitive for local applicants. Chris also emphasizes the importance of continuously applying for scholarships throughout college, not just in high school, to maintain financial support and minimize the need for loans.

Crystina Cardozo, Educator Turned Real Estate Investor 

In this podcast episode, Crystina Cardozo, an educator and real estate investor, shares her journey into real estate investing and offers valuable insights into the world of short-term rentals. She discusses her experiences buying properties in the Poconos and expanding into other areas, highlighting the importance of developing systems and networking with other investors. Crystina also emphasizes the need to create an open dialogue about money, both with students and her own children, to foster financial literacy. 

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