Question of the Day: When deciding whether to follow an influencer on social media, what trait did teens say was most important?

Nov 16, 2021
Question of the Day, Entrepreneurship

Answer: Authenticity

From Morning Consult: 


  • In your own words, what is an influencer? 
  • If you follow influencers, what trait is most important to you? Why? 
  • Have you ever bought a product endorsed by an influencer? 

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Behind the numbers (Forbes):

Consumers understand that sponsored content is crucial to an influencer’s income, considering it’s how many are able to monetize their content. Still, fans can easily become fatigued by (or worse, skeptical of) content that’s overly “salesy“ or features heavy, upfront product placement. Basically, they can tell when content feels “fake,” feeling betrayed when it is and are vocal about it.


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