NGPF Visits Williamsburg Charter High School (Brooklyn, NY)

Nov 20, 2016
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Thanks go NGPF Fellow Cheryl Williams, I had the opportunity to visit her school, Williamsburg Charter High School in Brooklyn, NY, while I was in in town for the w!se conference. Cheryl is the social studies department leader, and while I didn’t get the chance to see Cheryl’s teaching in action, she set me up for two class visits with other members of her staff. Here are the highlights:

  • I visited Curtis Jacquemain’s Financial Algebra class, where he was leading his senior students through a worksheet about reading a credit card’s Schumer Box: CALCULATE: Understand Your Credit Agreement.jacquemains-schumer-box
  • I was pleased to see Mr. Jacquemain also had some photocopies of one of our Data Crunches on his shelf by the door!
  • I also visited Bridget Sanfilippo’s Economics class, where students had recently completed a large budgeting project, which Ms. Sanfilippo had constructed from our own budgeting resources as well as others she’d found or created. cheryl-students-working
  • What I loved is that, as a post-project assignment, she was having students do two column charts: Tips for Budgeting and Ways to Improve the Project. It’s refreshing to see a teacher asking for student feedback on the process so it can be improved for next semester.cheryls-students-collaborate
  • Finally, the coolest part about the visit to Cheryl’s school was I got to meet her principal AND start the planning phases for a full day professional development workshop we’re going to host with Williamsburg Charter High School on January 30th. Check back later for more info!

THANKS, Cheryl & WCHS for hosting me for the morning.

If you know for a fact NGPF is coming to your neighborhood to offer PD, invite one of us to come visit your class. We LOVE seeing NGPF resources in action and meeting your students!


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