• Jesse Peterkin

    Jesse shares his award-winning project, 'Create a Budget and Financial Plan'
  • Kristen Goggin

    Kristen shares how she uses micro-finance site, Kiva, to teach personal finance concepts
  • Andy Rachleff

    Andy provides insights into how automated investing is disrupting the investment world
  • Vince Roeshink

    Vince shares his experiences as stock broker and entrepreneur and how they inform his teaching
  • Carmen Tall

    Carmen describes the start-up scene in Burlington and the integral role played by her organization
  • Vicki Zhou

    Vicki shares her entrepreneurial journey and what motivated her to bring financial planning services
  • LaTisha Styles

    We had a great conversation about a variety of topics from the highs and lows of her entrepreneurial
  • Lothar Konietzko

    Lothar shares some of his favorite activities including how he uses Sneaker culture to teach
  • Ted Gonder

    Ted shares his entrepreneurial journey and his quest to enable first gen students to thrive in
  • Charles Best

    Charles shares his entrepreneurial journey which led him to create a crowdfunding site that now
  • Robin Kahn

    Robin describes the Learn-Earn-Save approach that form the core of FitMoney's curriculum
  • Michael Lyons

    Michael shares his entrepreneurial journey as founder of Global Petals
  • Michael Carter

    Michael describes the importance of mentoring in navigating college process.
  • Elizabeth Dettke

    Hear social entrepreneur Elizabeth Dettke's inspiring tale of working with an amazing group of
  • Melinda Little

    Melinda shares the entrepreneurial journey of opening a community-owned department store
  • Brian Bean

  • Chris Banks

    Chris discusses his passion project: to increase the financial capability of Philadelphia youth.
  • Andy Davidson

    Andy describes how he built a math curriculum to improve financial capability. 
  • Dan Rosensweig

    Dan shares his entrepreneurial journey and how Chegg seeks to "realign the educational system" to
  • Marcy Reyes

    Marcy describes the inspiration behind her financial literacy start-up helping Rhode Island students
  • Troy Murphy

    Troy shares the motivation behind his new financial advisory firm and his commitment to financial
  • Tina Hay

    Tina describes the challenges of simplifying finance concepts to fit on a napkin
  • Evan Marwell

    Evan shares how EducationSuperHighway brought high-speed broadband to America's schools
  • Scott Glasgow

    Scott shares his inspiration for FinMango
  • Luis Perez

    Luis talks about his experience in the start-up world
  • Rob Phelan

    Rob talks about his "scorecard" concept 
  • Camilo Maldonado

    Camilo discusses his personal finance website, The Finance Twins
  • Bolun Li

    Bolun talks how his business's incentivizes financial literacy
  • Tara Falcone

    Tara shares with us her motivations to start ReisUp
  • CJ MacDonald

    CJ talks about building a banking solution for kids.
  • Susan Stinson, Carin Zinter, Carrie Hentz

    Susan, Carin and, Carrie talk about their stories as teacher entrepreneurs. 
  • Ty Allan Jackson and Dr. Abdullah Al-Bahrani

    Ty and Abdullah talk about their collaboration that led to a curriculum built around the Danny
  • Donna Wang Su

    Donna will share challenges that entrepreneurs and college students face in managing their personal
  • Eva Yazhari

    Eva describes her approach to impact investing.
  • Julie Beckham

    Julie talks about her award-winning program, the questions she hears most often from students, and
  • Rishi Vamdatt

    Rishi talks about index funds, the power of compounding returns and the process of opening a
  • Ennie Lim

    Ennie talks about how to improve financial wellness in the workplace.
  • Mark Herschberg

    Mark talks about developing a toolkit for career success
  • Jakob Diepenbrock

    Jakob talks about starting the Young Investors Network.
  • Patrick Geddes

    Patrick talks about his entrepreneurial journey and his forthcoming book, Transparent Investing.
  • Dan Sheeks

    Dan talks about using Financial Independence (FI) as hook to engage students.
  • Mary Rossi

    Mary talks about her creative approaches to financial empowerment