Sep 26, 2023

Decorating Ideas for Your Personal Finance Classroom

Want to add some pizzazz to your personal finance classroom? Educators in FinLit Fanatics have been sharing some great decorating ideas, including printable posters as well as student-created displays. See what's surfaced.


Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Infographics

Teach and reinforce economic and personal finance concepts in a colorful and easy-to-understand format. The Atlanta Fed has more than 20 infographics you can either download and print or order copies.

Wealth 101 Infographics

A small set of 11x17 posters ready to print! 

Canva Posters & Infographics 

NGPF recently partnered with Canva to create dozens of personal finance templates to use with your class and some of them can double as poster print outs. You can also make it a classroom activity by having students create or research them before you print. We recommend the 11x17 Paystub Poster.

Don't want to order from Canva's print shop? You can always DIY - just download and print!

Hispanic Heritage Month Posters from NGPF 

It's Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month and we created these posters just for the occasion, but they can also stay up year-round.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Posters

These posters and shipping are free! 

My Personal Finance Goals Display

An idea from Kate Rudolph in FinLit Fanatics. As students to consider their short term financial goals (top of dollar sign) vs their long term financial goals (bottom) and write them out on a dollar sign (or other shape or symbol).


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