Mar 24, 2024

Six Easy-to-Implement Financial Literacy Month Activities

Financial Literacy Month is fast-approaching in April. Check out these six activity suggestions to engage your students.


1. Play FinLit Month BINGO

To help you and your students initiate impactful discussions around money, we’ve created (and updated!) three fun Financial Literacy Month BINGO Boards.

View the boards as well as three creative ways you can use them.


2. Use Questions of the Day

Published every Monday-Thursday during the school year, Questions of the Day are the ultimate bell ringer and help spark student conversation and curiosity. You can use one every day during FinLit Month.

Find the most recent Questions of the Day here or view the entire library of Questions of the Day here.

You can also subscribe to get Question of the Day delivered to your email inbox.


3. Screen a Documentary about the Impact of Financial Education

NGPF has created two short documentaries that show the life-changing impact of personal finance education. Inspire your students with a classroom screening during Financial Literacy Month. Both documentaries come with a classroom worksheet. 

Access the documentaries and worksheets.


4. Play a FinLit Month Kahoot!

Students will better understand how lucky they are to be taking personal finance after they play this Kahoot! quiz. It includes stats about the current state of financial education in the U.S. and globally as well data on the benefits. 

Play the 2024 FinLitMonth Kahoot! 


5. So Expensive Video Series

The So Expensive video series is an interesting way to bring econ's factors of production and other core concepts into a personal finance class. It makes econ accessible with a video (usually around 10 minutes) about a specific product or service that is... so expensive!

How to use So Expensive in your economics or personal finance class

Check out last year’s three most popular So Expensive videos:

View all So Expensive videos


6. Inform Parents with Ready-Made Newsletters

You know how important parents are when it comes to your students' financial education. Our ready-made customizable parent newsletters for each unit provide the perfect way for you to share with parents what their child is learning in your classroom and let them know it’s Financial Literacy Month.


Have time to plan something bigger? 

Check out last year’s ideas from Personal Finance Specialists and 15 FUN Financial Literacy Month Ideas from Teachers.



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