(Best of) NGPF Resources For Marketing Teachers

Nov 13, 2017

A huge thank you to NGPF Fellow Kerri Herrild of De Pere High School (WI) for compiling this list of her favorite NGPF resources for Marketing teachers. Kerri shares lots of great ideas and her teaching practices in this NGPF podcast.

Take it away Kerri: 

NGPF Resources for Marketing Teachers

While I primarily use NGPF materials in my Personal Finance class, I have found a number of lessons and activities for marketing as well.  Like always, one of the best parts of NGPF resources is how easy they are to implement and the quality of content.

Below are some resources that I think would be easy and helpful to implement into any marketing course.  Please note that all of these could be used in part or in full.


  • Entrepreneurship:This is an entire unit that could be used to cover entrepreneurship as part of a marketing class.
  • Public Service Announcements: This is a full lesson on the purpose and focus in PSAs.
  • Ethics: This is a full lesson on ethics and includes several interactive activities.


  • Analyze: Advertising Campaigns: This interactive lesson could be used in part or in whole to introduce advertising.  Topics it could cover include: price/nonprice competition, target markets, mass/niche marketing, promotion (4 P’s).
  • Create: An Effective Pitch: Again, this is an interactive lesson that could be used in part or in whole.  Topics it could cover include: marketing plan, business plan, promotion, product development, and scope of marketing.


Questions of the Day:


  • Why we crave what’s cool: Do you buy your friends? By purchasing status brands, that may be exactly what you're doing.
  • The pain of paying: How does psychology factor into your purchasing? Would you be surprised to learn that the primary response is pain?