Feb 04, 2020

Chart of the Week: Largest Advertisers in the U.S.

Hat tip for Kareem for highlighting this chart. 

You might know think advertising is a big market. This chart shows you exactly how big it is and breaks it out by sector. 


  1. What are the reasons that companies advertise? 
  2. Which company's ads do you tend to see most frequently from the list above? Where do you see their ads (physical world, TV, digital world)
  3. Which three companies spend the most on advertising? What types of products do each of them sell (may require some research)? 
  4. Apple is generally considered one of the strongest consumer brands. Find their logo in the chart above and how much they spend on advertising. Why do you think they are able to spend so little on advertising? 
  5. Which industry seems to spend the most on advertising (add up the top 3-4 advertisers to come up with this answer)? Why do you think so much is spent in this industry sector? 


Like having your students analyze charts/graphs? Be sure to check out NGPF's Data Crunch for more. 

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