Guest Post from Mark Fiedorczyk: Blazing a FinLit Trail (Part 3): Mission 2030 Accomplished In 2019!

Nov 08, 2019
Advocacy, Personal Finance
Inspiring words from Mark...Congratulations on being one of the first recipients of the NGPF Gold Standard Challenge grant of $10,000! 
All graduating seniors from Lenape Valley High School will now be required to take a Personal Finance course.
On October 15th the Lenape Valley Board of Education approved a curriculum change from Financial Literacy to Personal Finance and also made Personal Finance a graduation requirement.
I am very excited to share this news! If I have learned anything during my experiences with NGPF, it is that our students really need the skills and information provided by the NGPF curriculum.
I thank NGPF for their assistance and partnership. I felt supported every step of the way and look forward to sharing my journey with other administrators. I encourage my fellow administrators to take the reins from all of the outstanding teachers who continue to advocate for this important initiative. Let's make this happen!
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