Does this look like a bubble to you?

Nov 28, 2017
Behavioral Finance, Article, Cryptocurrencies

Headlines on MarketWatch this evening:


What are the signs I see?

  • Meteoric increase in value without a great explanation for what's driving it
  • Crazy predictions: I remember Dow 40,000 predictions at the peak of insanity around 2000. Well, now we have Bitcoin 40,000!
  • Sober and experienced market observers saying "stay away." 
  • Mushrooming number of funds to invest in the asset class of cryptocurrencies (which may actually keep the bubble inflating as they bid up the assets)

I don't pretend to have any keen insights into bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies; I am merely observing the feeding frenzy and the psychology that accompanies a phenomenon like bitcoin. As for the $40,000 prediction, let's revisit it in 12 months. Get your students to have a stake in this and make a prediction of where it will be in one month. 


Want to learn more about bitcoin? We created a basic primer to help you answer your students' questions about it. 


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