Video: How Did These NFL Players Lose $43 Million?

Oct 24, 2016
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From 60 Minutes (14 minute video):


  • What was the investment idea that burned so many NFL players?
  • Why do you think the NFL players were so attracted to this idea?
  • How much money did Mr. Rubin raise for the Country Crossing project?
  • What were Mr. Rubin’s incentives? Did he make money even if the investment failed? How?
  • Why did the investment fail?
  • Based on the fact that some players lost their homes after this investment failed, how much of their wealth do you think they invested in Country Crossing? Why would they take such risks?
  • Why is the timing of the subscription agreement suspicious? Would you agree to invest without information about the investment?
  • What steps has the NFL taken to try and prevent losses like this? Why didn’t it work in this case?
  • What lessons can you take from this debacle?


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