Dec 17, 2023

Best of 2023: Most Popular On-Demand Modules

NGPF On-Demand modules provide maximum flexibility for a teacher's busy schedule, allowing you to do professional development at your own pace. This year, we updated three modules and introduced six new modules, including two first-ever math-specific ones. Of the 40+ modules in our library, see which 10 were completed the most in 2023.


Top 10 On-Demand Modules in 2023:

  1. Beginner Series: Navigating the NGPF Website
  2. Summer 2023: 3 Trends in Personal Finance (Replaced with Fall 2023: 3 Trends in Personal Finance)
  3. The Power of Habit
  4. I Bonds: Too Good to Be True?
  5. Building Credit (Updated in 2023)
  6. $7.25 - The Minimum Wage (Updated in 2023)
  7. Beginner Series: Hacks for the Student Activity Packet
  8. The Rise of Influencer Marketing
  9. Tackling the 1040 (Updated in 2023)
  10. Popular Budgeting Methods & Strategies

View the full NGPF On-Demand Library and learn more about a personal finance topic today.


What to know about NGPF On-Demand modules:

  • Each module is built on the Nearpod platform (no subscription required) with multiple engagement strategies including videos, articles, quizzes, collaborative boards, and more
  • Learn at your own pace with each module designed to be completed in approximately 1 hour
  • Successful completion of a module will earn you 1 NGPF Academy credit
  • Offered at no cost to educators
  • No need to register! Simply click the link to begin the module


Don't forget! The first half of the 2023-24 NGPF Academy year ends on December 31.

On-Demand modules are a great way to advance to the next NGPF Academy level by before the end of 2023.

Every 10 PD hours (up to 40 hours total) earns you a new level and swag as a reward for your dedication to your students.

Learn more about NGPF Academy.

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As NGPF's Marketing Communications Manager, Hannah (she/her) helps spread the word about NGPF's mission to improve the financial lives of the next generation of Americans.

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