Dec 17, 2023

Math Monday: Most Popular Math Activities and Posts of 2023

We’re looking back on the math highlights of 2023. Check out NGPF’s most popular math activities and blog posts from the last year.  


Top 10 Math Activities

These math activities were a hit with teachers in 2023. Check them out!

  1. APPLICATION: Linear Growth Patterns
    Get visual, using shape patterns to write linear equations.
  2. APPLICATION Linear Equations of Checking Fees 
    No one likes account fees, but everyone likes linear equations! Model ATM, overdraft, and coin exchange fees.
  3. APPLICATION: Income and Payroll Taxes as Piecewise Functions
    No, being in the 24% tax bracket does not mean you're paying 24% in taxes.
  4. APPLICATION: Calculating Taxes Using Rational Numbers
    Learning about taxes is ripe with opportunities to practice math involving percents.
  5. MATH: Unit Price
    A class math and finance skill! Calculate unit price and consider the pros and cons of buying in bulk.
  6. APPLICATION: Graphing Systems of Equations and Savings Goals
    Wei and Nora set New Year’s resolutions together to start saving more money. Will they reach their goals?
  7. APPLICATION: Graphing Wages and Linear Equations
    An hourly wage with a signing bonus is the perfect hook to get students thinking about compensation packages in the form of linear equations. 
  8. DESMOS: Histograms and Box Plots of Housing Costs
    Explore real-world data on the costs of mortgages and rents, including for your state.
  9. APPLICATION: Loans and the Compound Interest Formula
    Alonso buys a computer using his credit card, Kira takes out a $12K personal loan, and Maya is accumulating unsubsidized student loan debt.
  10. APPLICATION: Expected Value, Insurance, and the Lottery
    Find out what cell phone insurance, auto insurance, and the lottery all have in common.


Top 5 Math Blog Posts

Explore 5 of NGPF's most popular math blog posts from 2023. 

  1. Ready-To-Go Slides Profiling 30 Mathematicians
  2. Options for End-of-Semester Assessments
  3. Highlighting Indigenous Mathematicians in the Classroom
  4. NGPF Desmos Activity Collection
  5. How to Integrate TI Calculators Into NGPF Activities


We hope you've had a great year. See you in 2024!


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