Dec 26, 2023

Best of 2023: Top FinCap Fridays

Every Friday during the school year, NGPF's FinCap Friday engages students through current events. Produced by Yanely Espinal, FinCap Fridays combine a 5-question competition with a short video to energize classrooms. See which topics got the most playtime in 2023.

The Top 10 FinCap Fridays (and year they were released):

  1. Super Bowl Spending (2023)
  2. Famous and Frugal (2018)
  3. T-Swift, Beyonce, and Barbie Boost the Economy (2023)
  4. A Bank Run is No Fun (2023)
  5. That's Gross! (2019)
  6. Save a Dime on Valentine's (2023)
  7. Debt at Record Highs As Interest Rates Rise (2023)
  8. New Year, New Money Trends (2023)
  9. Buy Now, Pay LATE (2022)
  10. To Tip or to Skip? (2023)


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