Choose a Major, Choose a Career

Mar 11, 2015
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Here at NGPF, we use a lot of resources from Forbes, the NY Times, and NerdWallet. We not infrequently use videos from MSN Money and Bank of America, and we generate all of our own activities and performance tasks. But then, there are resources that we cull from all corners of the internet. Here’s one of them out of Tri-County Technical College in South Carolina…

Things to Consider in Choosing a Major & Career

What is it? This is a reference material produced by the community college for its students, but it’s actually a great universal resource on really important practical things that high school students should consider before they enroll in college.

Why is it cool? First, it doesn’t take a heavy-handed, “YOU MUST ATTEND A FOUR YEAR COLLEGE AUTOMATICALLY, WITHOUT GIVING YOUR LIFE ANY THOUGHT” tone. That stance may or may not jive with your high school’s teachings about post-graduation, but I like it. It also perfectly melds the practical (what does the economy support? how quickly do you need to be employed?) with the personal (what are you passionate about? how important is career advancement to you?). Finally, this isn’t strictly a personal finance resource: Use it for advisory, senior study, finance, at a CTE or vocational program, in your guidance or college office, etc.

Questions I Might Ask:

  1. For comprehension:
    • What are some benefits of getting first-hand knowledge of your career before enrolling in that major?
    • In what ways does money play a role in choosing a major and a career?
  2. To personally connect:
    • Which of these considerations plays the largest role in your life, specifically? Why is it a concern?
    • What do you envision your post-college life to be like? Where do you live? How do you spend your time? What is your desired lifestyle?
  3. To think critically:
    • This resource is published by a community college. How might the message change on the website of a four-year college?

Where is it in the NGPF collection? This is resource 6 in “Employment Basics” in our Employment unit.


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