Jill Lucero Thinks Our Career Unit Is AWESOME!

Mar 08, 2017
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Jill Lucero is an NGPF early adopter, many time PLC participant, and all around well-loved educator here at our nonprofit organization. She’s also an outstanding business teacher at East High School in Cheyenne, WY. So, imagine my delight when I received this email in my inbox this morning, straight from Jill:

Jessica –

Just thought I would let you know that I just completed the entire Career unit.  It was awesome!!  Kept students very engaged and information was updated and relevant. I took out only a few parts.  I was even able to leave one section for a sub while I was gone and she was successful at following the instructions!  I was also able to get a teacher from another school on board teaching the same unit.

Tell your team THANK YOU!

Highlights of her email that make my heart sing:

  • Kept students very engaged — we all know teenagers aren’t easily impressed
  • Info was updated and relevant — I mean, does your curriculum have a lesson on Professional Profiles (examining your digital footprint, using social media to jumpstart your career search) and an activity AND a project on LinkedIn?
  • Able to leave one section for a sub — There are some FABULOUS subs out there, and then I’ve seen some for whom a word search worksheet somehow goes awry… NGPF works for the expert and novice teacher alike

Shout out to Jill for providing feedback from one teacher to our entire teacher community AND for promoting the unit to a teacher at another school (hint, hint: we thrive on word of mouth referrals). Second, shout out to our former colleague Andrew Furth who wrote most of the career unit — your legacy lives on, Andrew.






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