Reading List for June 14-16

Jun 14, 2019
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  • Here is a fun one! Take a look at these wacky job titles. It might be fun to have your students guess what each one might mean! (
  • Forbes provides another list – this time it is the best employer in each state. Can you guess the best employer for your state? (Forbes)

Managing Credit

  • This article explains how smart use of a secured credit card can help you build or boost your credit score. Now Amazon is getting into this game. (NYT)

"The Financial Health Network estimated that in 2015, there were fewer than six million secured card accounts, while about 108 million consumers could benefit from them."


  • This article on Warren Buffets investment (and life) principles would make a great graduation speech! Bottom line, don’t ever stray from the rules you set. (Investors Business Daily)
  • Beth Kobliner discusses the pros and cons of several popular investing apps.
  • Facebook’s is proposing a new cryptocurrency called Libra, and finds some big backers for its proposal. (WSJ-subscription)


Higher Education

  • Why do kids choose to go to college? The top answer to that question for current students (62%) was “to improve job prospects.” Ellucian conducted a survey of current students and recruiters. You may find this result surprising:

"On the employer side, only a third of entry-level, salaried jobs require a college degree and a quarter of employers will accept credentials in place of a degree. And when asked whether a degree attained or a credential was a better measure of a candidate’s value, recruiters were evenly split."

 And both groups agree there is a considerable “soft skills” gap. Full survey results can be found here.

Financial Literacy/Parenting

Here is a confusing set of survey results for you!

  • According to a survey by the National Financial Education Council, Parents aren’t preparing children well enough or setting positive examples for handling personal finance in their adult lives (47%). Moms slightly outweigh dads (28%-24%) when asked “who taught you more,” but “neither” topped the chart with 48%. Check out summary and full results
  • But according to a Lending Tree survey, more kids go to dads for financial advice than anyone else. 
  • E*TRADE released its most recent quarterly StreetWise survey results which show that parents, as a group, and more likely to embrace technology, particularly to manage their porfolios, than any other population segment.


It might be worth getting hold of Monday’s issue (June 10) of the Wall Street Journal for its Journal Report Section. This week’s section included several good personal finance articles, including:

  • What you need to know about ISA’s (Income Sharing Agreements) to pay for college.
  • Using bonds to save for college.
  • What the numbers tell you about your potential need for long-term care insurance.

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