Chart of the Week: What has been the trend in interest rates over the past 700 years?

Mar 17, 2020
Chart of the Week, Credit Cards

From Visual Capitalist: 


Interesting visual showing the history of interest rates since 1310. Perfect to share with your European history teachers.

Here were the closing interest rates on debt issued by the U.S. Treasury over the past two weeks: 

Note that on 3/9/20, all Treasuries from 1 month to 30 years were yielding under 1%...truly incredible! 


  • What has been the long-term trend in interest rates since 1310? 
  • The purple dots on the far right are U.S. interest rates. What has been the trend since the 1970s according to this chart? 
  • Are low interest rates good for savers? good for borrowers? 


Thanks to NGPF super intern Ansh for compiling the last 20+ Charts of the Week in this document. 




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