Chart of the Week: The $2 Trillion Stimulus a.k.a. CARES Act

Apr 06, 2020
Chart of the Week, Economics, Current Events

Great infographic from (hat tip to Jessica for finding!):


  • How will this stimulus affect
    • You and your family?
    • Your community?
    • Businesses in your town?
  • Rank order the 6-7 groups from those receiving the most benefit to those receiving the least. Do you agree with these priorities? Explain.
  • This is the biggest federal stimulus program in history at over $2 trillion. What do you think makes this current situation different from previous economic downturns in the last 50 years? 
  • Supplemental: Pick one of the six groups getting a significant amount of the stimulus (State/Local government, small business, large corporations, individuals, public health and student loans) and learn more about the funding they will be receiving. 


FinCap Friday has a NEW! EdPuzzle video on stimulus checks. Check it out here! 


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