Infographic of the Week: How Municipal Bonds Helped Build the Nation

Dec 10, 2019
Chart of the Week, Did You Know...?

A nice cross-curricular opportunity to fuse history and personal finance. Bonds can be a tricky topic for educators but if you just think of them as IOUs and municipal bonds as money that government entities borrow for infrastructure then suddenly they become more tangible. Click the image to go directly to the infographic. 


  • What was the first public project funded by municipal bonds? 
  • What are three large infrastructure projects funded by municipal bonds? 
  • What impact did the tax code exception granted in 1913 have on the popularity of municipal bonds? 
  • How were municipal bonds used in 2009-10 to help the U.S. get out of the Great Recession?
  • What percentage of infrastructure projects today are funded through municipal bonds? 


Extend beyond this infographic with this NGPF PROJECT: Should Municipal Bonds Fund Stadiums?

Want more infographics to engage your students? We have printable infographics from Visual Capitalist here



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