Jan 21, 2022

Reading List for January 21-23


  • By Wednesday, NASDAQ was in correction territory. (CNBC) Here is the latest market roundup from Yahoo Finance.
  • Microsoft plans to acquire Activision for almost $70B. (CNN
  • Black Rock CEO Larry Fink predict the next big start-ups will be tech companies devoted to helping the environment/climate. (CNBC)
  • Goldman Sachs pundits see oil prices over $100/barrel. (Reuters)
  • Funding of tech startups keeps rising. Will this apparent “bubble” ever burst? (NYT-subscription may be required.)
  • Is the stock market in “correction” territory now? Here is some historical perspective from A Wealth of Common Sense.



  • Crypto exchanges are a new favorite among hackers. Crypto.com reveals hundreds of its accounts were hacked. (The Verge)
  • Bitcoin is not immune during this general market downturn. (Yahoo Finance)



  • Read/listen to CNBC interpret the jump in unemployment claims last week and the Philly Fed manufacturing Index.
  • CNBC summarized the Federal Reserve report released this week evaluating the issuance of a central bank digital currency. The report contains no conclusions, but does have 22 points open for public comment. (Here is the 40-page report, and here is the form to comment—in case you are interested in digging deeper.)



  • Bankrate.com issued the results of its annual survey of Americans’ ability to handle a $1000 emergency. (Still around 4 out of 10, but higher than last year.)
  • Bankrate.com also summarized the BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey results (2020 data.)
  • I know this from personal experience: new car prices are way higher! (Car and Driver)


Higher Ed

  • The number of students enrolling in college dropped again. (NPR)



  • Find an unmet need (dog walking in Manhattan), fill it like a pro, and you too can make big money. (The Hustle)



  • Read about the top givers this year. Warren Buffett has pledged to give away 99% of his wealth, and MacKenzie Scott has given away more in two years than her ex in his lifetime. (Forbes-limited free articles per month)

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