Feb 28, 2023

5 Ways Personal Finance Teachers Plan to Use Chat GPT in The Classroom

ChatGPT has become the fastest growing app of all time. While some schools are making moves to ban it, others are working to embrace AI in the classroom. Find out the top five ways Personal Finance teachers said they would use ChatGPT. 

In NGPF’s first-ever Virtual PD on using Chat GPT last month, teachers collaborated on how they would use it in the classroom. One participant said, “I feel very inspired to try out ChatGPT to make my life easier and increase student's learning through higher levels of thinking.” [The session was so popular that we are repeating it today (Wednesday) at 3pm PT. You can register here]

Here are the five most popular ideas that came from the PD session:

1. Debate questions

Ask students to develop a claim, then have them ask ChatGPT to refute the idea. Students can use its response as a way to strengthen or assess their initial argument. It can also be used to start a lively discussion in class.  

2. Generate rubrics

Ask ChatGPT to create a grading rubric for an assignment. It can generate a first draft of the rubric fairly quickly. You can continue to converse with it to fine-tune the rubric, or you can make your own adjustments based on its response.

3. Create exit tickets

Request a prompt regarding the topic of your lesson that day and use it as an exit ticket.

4. Transcribe a video

Whether it helps students better visualize and understand a video or recording, helps you grade multimedia assignments, or any other number of uses, Chat GPT can generate a transcription. It may not be 100% accurate, but will save you time. 

5. Develop research skills

Use Chat GPT to create a response to a question. Have students review the generated response and then conduct research to find any errors and correct Chat GPT’s response. 


We’re offering the Chat GPT Virtual PD again TODAY (March 1) at 3 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. ET

Register now - Using Chat GPT in Your Personal Finance Classroom


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