May 15, 2022
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Announcing the $500 Donors Choose Winner!

Thank you for helping NGPF reach more classrooms with free resources that save teachers time AND empower every student with real world skills! Since launching our Spring Challenge on April 19th, over 600 teachers have invited nearly 2,000 new teachers to explore NGPF. We hope you're enjoying the printable posters you got as a token of our appreciation. Today, NGPF is revealing the winner of the $500 Donors Choose credit drawing. Drumroll please...

Priyanka Ram, Special Education Teacher at Berkmar High School in Lilburn, GA is the winner of the $500 Donors Choose credit! We hope you can use the credit to fund a great project for your students, Priyanka.

Want to earn more rewards for referring teachers to NGPF? You're in luck! We've just designed 5 new posters in a new series: Notable & Money Quotable. Each poster in the series features an inspiring, useful, relatable quote about money from a notable historical or contemporary figure. The first five posters feature Madam C.J. Walker, Antonio Tijerino, Warren Buffett, Vera Wang, and Usain Bolt. These posters are going to look oh-so-fresh in your classroom!

Unlock your secret link to the NEW printable posters when you invite 3+ teachers to NGPF here! Thank you again!

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Christian Sherrill

Former teacher, forever financial education nerd. As NGPF's Director of Growth & Advocacy, Christian is laser-focused on our mission to guarantee all students a rigorous personal finance course before crossing the high school graduation stage. Having paid down over $40k in student loans in the span of 3 years - while living in the Bay Area on an entry level teacher's salary - he's eager to help the next generation avoid financial pitfalls one semester at a time.

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