Mar 24, 2023

Reading List for March 24-26

The Fed raised interest rates 25 basis points this week, factoring in mixed economic signals but persistent inflation. The lending facilities they put in place to ease the banking situation are getting lots of use. And we can’t ignore March Madness as we move from 16 to 4. What are the odds of having a perfect bracket? (Axios) All this and lots more in this week’s reading list!




  • Read more about the Fed decision to raise interest rates. (CNBC)
  • Here is a good explanation of the lending facilities now open to banks, and how much is actually being borrowed. (NYT)
    • For a briefer summary of this information, try (Axios)
  • February retail sales weakened. (Forbes)
  • Jobs market still looks tight as weekly unemployment claims dip. (Reuters)
  • Amazon grew its employee base considerably during the pandemic. It is now cutting back, announcing a further 9,000 cut to staff following a recent 18,000 culling. (The Verge)




  • Meme stocks having their day—again. (Forbes)
  • Block is the latest target by short-seller Hindenburg Research, but CEO Jack Dorsey is fighting back. (CNN) (Yahoo Finance)
  • The markets were all over the place this week. What signals was it sending? (NYT)
  • Ben Carlson (A Wealth of Common Sense) gives us some perspective on the market volatility.



  • SVB follow-up: a closer look at supervision of SVB and what is known about what the Fed knew and what it could do about it. (New Yorker)
  • If you are interested in the details of the Credit Suisse/UBS deal, the players involved and the winners and losers in the deal, try this Financial Times article.
  • What is the status of the banking sector after a rough couple of weeks? (Slate
  • A survey suggests most Americans still trust banks. (Money)


  • Trouble is brewing again in Crypto world:
    • Coinbase received a warning from the SEC that it might be charged with securities violations. (CNBC)
    • Several celebrities have been charged with securities violations regarding crypto. (CNBC2)



  • NPR prepared this “Life Kit” on preparing taxes this year.



  • So you think living on $100,000 shouldn’t be too hard? In NY it feels more like $36,000. This article helps drive home the importance of the relative cost of living. (Bloomberg)



Tech World

  • Are TikTok’s days numbered in the US? Read up on the Congressional Hearing. (Axios)
  • Chatbot.AI received a $1 billion valuation in its most recent funding round of $150 million with zero revenue. (Reuters)

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