Reading List for October 15-17

Oct 15, 2021
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There has been a lot of economics news this week about inflation, the unusual labor market, and the Nobel Prize.

  • NPRs Planet Money explains who the Nobel Prize winners in Economics are, and what their contribution means to the field. Go empiricists! 
  • We have talked about “shrinkflation”—same price but smaller package. Now we also have “shadow-inflation”—same price but less service. (NYTimes or Seattle Times)
  • Consumer prices as measured by the CPI rose 0.4% in September, or 5.4% at an annual rate, with food and energy prices driving the rise. (CNBC)
  • Social Security benefits are set to increase 5.9%, the largest increase in four decades! (NPR)
  • Retail sales jumped 0.7% in September despite higher prices. (Yahoo Finance)
  • Disappointing jobs data and recent inflation numbers are making the Fed’s job job even more challenging. Jeanna Smialek breaks it down. (NYT-subscribtion may be required)
  • Jobless claims dropped below 300,000 for the first time since the pandemic started. (Reuters)
  • Record number of people quit their job in August. (AP) (NYT-subscription) (WAPO-subscription) 
  • Barry Ritholz tries to break down all the reasons why the labor market is changing so drastically.


These next two dig into the data:

  • The St. Louis Fed breaks down who is leaving the labor force.
  • Another St. Louis Fed post looks at who and how workers are re-entering the workforce



  • This is a great post by Visual Capitalist that plots GDP growth versus Stock Market gains.


Savings/Paying for College

  • New York City is giving out baby bonds, investing $100 to each Kindergarten student in a 529 plan with opportunities for matching. (NYTimes – subscription may be required)



  • NGPF’s Yanely Espinal is featured in this CNBC article on the Hispanic experience with banking.



  • This Vox article is a must for anyone considering going out on one’s own. Knowing what to charge is a challenge, but mastering it can be the difference between success and failure as an entrepreneur.



  • FinLit Fanatic favorite Morgan Housel writes a letter to his (infant) daughter including nine money and life lessons. (CNBC)

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