May 22, 2023

Fun Finds in the Consumer Skills Unit

If you typically view the Semester Course lessons by looking at the Student Activity Packets, you're missing out not only on the answer keys but also the Extend the Learning section posted at the bottom of each Lesson Guide. Don't overlook all the great fun you can find there! 

On the Consumer Skills unit, if you click the "View Lesson" button, you'll be viewing the student-facing worksheet called the Student Activity Packet (SAP). On the other hand, if you click the "View Answer Key" button, you'll be on the teacher-facing document that includes standards alignment, answers to each SAP question, the Exit Ticket, and the Extend the Learning section, which we sometimes call the Do More/Learn More. 

A grid of orange buttons for lessons in the Consumer Skills unit



In the Do More section, you'll find NGPF-created activities that are not already a part of the Semester Course lesson. That means you can choose from that list and be sure you're not cannibalizing an upcoming Semester Course lesson accidentally. These can work as review, extension, homework assignments, sub-work for the next day... however you fancy. We think they're great resources, but there just wasn't enough space to include them in the body of the lesson. For example, in Lesson 1: Your Money & Social Media you'll find arcade game Influenc'd, an activity called ANALYZE: The Influence of Social Media, and FinCap Friday: Friending, Then Spending



In the Learn More section, you'll find extra articles, videos, infographics, social media posts, and other goodies that can help extend the learning. Sometimes these resources are selected because they go deeper into the same content mentioned in the lesson, and sometimes they add a whole new but related topic that didn't fit into the lesson's space due to time. For example, in Lesson 2: Advertisements & Dark Patterns, you'll get a website to help you identify Dark Patterns in Gaming, a question of the day about fake Amazon reviews, and a video 3 Sneaky Tactics That Websites Use to Make You Spend



You'll notice that the grid of lessons for Unit 10 Consumer Skills also includes buttons for Nearpod. Every Semester Course lesson has a corresponding Nearpod featuring the same content but in a new delivery style. You can vary your instructional strategies by some days moving off the Student Activity Packet and into Nearpod instead. You can learn more with previous blog posts about 8 Creative Ways to Implement an NGPF Lesson or Using Nearpod in an ELL Classroom or this helpful page explaining how to use NGPF on multiple other platforms


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