Apr 24, 2023

How to pair NEW Edpuzzle Originals with NGPF Curriculum

NEW Lessons for your classroom! NGPF’s Curriculum Team has collaborated with the awesome people at Edpuzzle to produce a new series of Financial Literacy Video Lessons. Learn how you can use the series to supplement your favorite NGPF Curriculum.

Edpuzzle is a teacher-favorite tech tool that we love at NGPF, but did you know Edpuzzle now creates its own original content? At NGPF, we’re honored that Edpuzzle turned to our Curriculum Team’s content expertise for their NEW series, Edpuzzle Originals: Financial Literacy. In today’s post, learn how to use Edpuzzle with your students, view the engaging new Financial Literacy Lessons, and strategize how to pair them with your favorite NGPF Curriculum!

Using Edpuzzle with your students is easy as 1-2-3

How to customize videos, edit and collect responses, integrate your LMS, and more in Edpuzzle:

  1. Create or login to your Edpuzzle account (basic is free, premium includes additional features),
  2. Copy any Edpuzzle lesson into your ‘My Content’ page, like this teacher tip video shows,
  3. Customize, then send the resulting Edpuzzle link to your students to engage them in learning!

Introducing Edpuzzle Originals: Financial Literacy!

Edpuzzle Originals: Financial Literacy is a series produced by Edpuzzle with Personal Finance content expertise from the NGPF Curriculum Team.

1. What is Personal Finance?

If you only have a little over 6 minutes to teach a course on Personal Finance, this is a great option! This lesson is an overview you can show on the first day of your Personal Finance course or unit. What is Personal Finance? is also great for communicating with parents and guardians to help them understand what their child is learning in your class.

2. Wages and Salaries

  • Duration: 07:38 + questions
  • Questions: 2 open-ended, 4 multiple choice
  • Pairs with NGPF: Checking, Career, Budgeting

This effective lesson helps students differentiate being paid an hourly wage or a fixed salary. In addition, the lesson asks students to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of each type of earned income, and plan ahead for how the type of income they receive will affect their budget.

3. Gross vs. Net Pay

  • Duration: 07:11 + questions
  • Questions: 2 open-ended, 7 multiple choice
  • Pairs with NGPF: Career, TaxesBudgeting

Students are often surprised when they look at their first paycheck to discover… what they actually take home is less than they expected! What goes into a paystub, and where that difference between gross and net pay comes from, is foundational knowledge that informs many Personal Finance decisions.

4. Credit History and Credit Score

  • Duration: 07:13 + questions
  • Questions: 2 open-ended, 5 multiple choice
  • Pairs with NGPF: Managing Credit

Borrowing and repaying money is a cornerstone of the global economy. By analyzing our past borrowing and repayment behaviors, financial institutions get a clearer sense of our ability to repay loans. But how does that system actually work? And what can we do to make that system work in our favor? Find out in the Edpuzzle Original: Credit History and Credit Score.

5. Credit Cards

  • Duration: 07:24 + questions
  • Questions: 1 open-ended, 5 multiple choice
  • Pairs with NGPF: Types of Credit

This lesson begins with a thought-provoking question: how can the exact same $100 pair of shoes cost $100 for one buyer, but far more for another? Use this lesson to demystify the oft-misunderstood piece of plastic and metal known as the credit card. This lesson is a great supplement to the Types of Credit unit, particularly NGPF’s lessons on how credit cards work and using credit cards wisely.

6. Investing

  • Duration: 07:48 + questions
  • Questions: 2 open-ended, 4 multiple choice
  • Pairs with NGPF: Investing

Investing can be a powerful tool to build wealth - especially when started earlier in life! As you may have guessed, this video makes a great intro to the Investing unit. It gives a clear, conceptual overview of investing, plus the uncertainty involved, and how investing early can help reach long-term goals. This lesson does not examine the nitty gritty of specific assets like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or real estate. More to come!

7. Inflation

Though the causes of inflation may be covered more in-depth in an Economics course, this overview can get students thinking about the effects of inflation, which can simultaneously create challenges to saving and highlight why it’s so important to invest for the future.

About Edpuzzle & Edpuzzle Originals

Edpuzzle is an online tool that allows teachers to add assessment questions, voiceovers, audio commentaries, extra resources, and more to video content to keep students engaged. You can use it to prepare for an activity or lesson, review key concepts, track student scores, and even flip your classroom.

Edpuzzle Originals are engaging Video Lessons created by Edpuzzle’s Curriculum Team and Video Production Team.

Note: You do not need to create an account to access and share Edpuzzle previews, but if you do create free teacher and student Edpuzzle accounts, you will then be able to customize lessons, save student responses, track student progress over time, and export student responses to your gradebook or LMS.

For more tips and tricks on how to best implement these videos with NGPF, check out Amanda Volz’s Tech Tip video. For more information, visit the Edpuzzle Teacher Support page.

About Next Gen Personal Finance

Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF), has become the “one-stop shop” for more than 75,000 educators looking for high-quality, engaging personal finance curriculum to equip students with the skills they need to thrive in the future. NGPF curriculum has a broad reach, with more than 8 out of 10 U.S. high school students attending schools where a teacher uses NGPF curriculum. NGPF invests in teacher professional development with live virtual sessions, certification courses and asynchronous on-demand modules. The non-profit has been recognized by Common Sense Education as “Common Sense Selection for Learning” and a “Top Website for Teachers to Find Lesson Plans.”

Stay tuned for more lessons to come in Edpuzzle Originals: Financial Literacy

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