November Survey Results: How Many Of Your Preps are Personal Finance?

Nov 24, 2015
Financial Literacy, Survey Results, Professional Development

We know that teachers are incredibly talented, and often asked to multi-task. And since our goal is save you time and make life easier, we wanted to know:

How many of your preps are personal finance classes?

When we couldn’t find definitive answers online, we decided to ask the questions ourselves.

Here’s what our NGPF community said…

About the Author

Andrew Furth

Andrew comes from a family of educators, and joined Teach for America after graduating from UCLA with a degree in English. During his three years teaching Social Studies, in both rural Arkansas and urban San Francisco, he realized the potential of online tools to amplify the reach and impact of learning for teachers and students. Andrew joined NGPF in 2014, bringing his educational expertise to designing lessons while learning on the job how to manage his own finances (which comes in handy in San Francisco, where the crazy rent means budgets are always tight).

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