Reading List for March 23-24

Mar 22, 2019
Financial Literacy, Credit Cards, Investing, Taxes, Economics, Identity Theft, Paying for College

Financial Literacy

  • We all know that April is Financial Literacy Month. Forbes will publish this piece on why financial wellness matters. Earlier this month, Forbes also published an article on how Financial Literacy keeps athletes from going broke. Keep the articles coming, Forbes!!!
  • April may be a good time for everyone to do a little financial health checkup. Here is a refresher on limiting potential impact of identity theft. (USA Today)


  • The Federal Reserve announced no change to the target interest rate expected for the rest of the year (CNBC) and sited shared lower growth forecasts. Here is what happened to 10-year Treasuries on that news. (CNBC2) (Use this to demonstrate the inverse relationship between bond price and bond yield.


  • Before pursuing a personal loan from a “marketplace lender,” know what they really are and what you are getting into. (Beth Kobliner)
  • Debit or Credit? Why it makes a difference when you rent a car. (The Balance)


  • Now here is one to consider: Lyft’s may create two classes of shareholders with its IPO. This certainly would shake up the world of corporate governance. (Reuters)
    Levi Strauss doesn’t look like a typical San Francisco company going public. The 165 year old company will go public this week for the second time in its history. (NYT)


  • Could you perhaps be able to claim any of the $1.4 billion in unclaimed tax refunds? Here is how you find out. (CNBC)
  • What if you can’t pay your taxes? Michelle Singletary says to call the IRS, not one of those companies you see advertised. (WAPO)

 Higher Ed

  • JP Morgan funding programs at Community Colleges that support training for careers that are in high demand. (Inside Higher Ed)
  • Will capping parent and graduate student Plus loans bring down the cost of education? The Trump administration is proposing just that. (Inside Higher Ed-2)
  • We’ve talked about how elite universities fund a free ride for low-income students, but these students need help with more than money. (Atlantic)
  • For these adults, it’s never too late to get a degree….but it takes some juggling. (NPR)

Graphs to check out

Cool graphics this week from Visual Capitalist if you haven’t seen them yet.

  • How Americans Make and Spend Money (VC-1)
  • Biggest Tech Companies by Market Cap over 23 years. (VC-2)

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