Aug 11, 2017

Interactive Handouts Courtesy of Barbara O'Neill and Kerri Herrild!

As part of our Summer Institute session, educators had the opportunity to take an engaging personal finance interactive resource and create a handout to accompany it. 

Hat tip to Barbara O'Neill of Rutgers University, New Brunswick (NJ) and Kerri Herrild of De Pere High School, De Pere (WI) who shared their finished products with us.

For those of you looking for high quality, engaging, resources guaranteed to get your students thinking about their financial mindset, look no further than these two resources:


Barbara O'Neill

  • Investing: The Balloon Test
  • Help your students understand their personal investment risk tolerance viscerally with popping balloons (as metaphors for rising and falling stock markets) instead of vague and hypothetical questions.
  • Interactive Handout


Kerri Herrild

  • Budgeting: What does a $1,500 rent payment buy you in different cities?
  • The largest cost for young people starting out in their career is often rent payments. Use this interactive and handout as a guide to get them thinking about where they might want to live and what that means for their anticipated income.
  • Interactive Handout


Thanks to these talented educators for sharing their resources with us!


Keep an eye out as we highlight more Fellows' work in the coming weeks!





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Laura Matchett

After graduating with an education degree and spending 7 years in an elementary classroom, Laura made the switch to the non-profit world and loves interacting with students, educators and business professionals across the country. She is passionate about all students having access to high quality education and views personal finance education as one way to ‘level the playing field’. When Laura is not locating or creating high quality educational resources, you can find her mountain biking or searching for the best ramen in town!

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