Interactive Monday: Fastest Growing Jobs since 1970

Mar 08, 2020
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From Flowing Data comes a chart showing trends in job growth and decline over the past 4 decades. As you move the cursor over the graph, you can see what jobs correspond to the lines on the graph. 

Here's a snapshot (click to go to the interactive chart)


  • Three fastest growing jobs since 1970? Three jobs that have seen greatest decline? 
  • What jobs were most impacted by the Great Recession of 2008-09? Have they recovered to their pre-recession levels?
  • Focus on the last decade. Which jobs seem to have the fastest growth (remember to to go the interactive so you can see the occupations corresponding to the lines)? What jobs seem to be undergoing the most dramatic declines? 
  • Find 2-3 careers that you are interested in. What has been the trends with those jobs? Is this encouraging or discouraging to you? 


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