My 9 Favorite Interactives to Teach Credit

Nov 18, 2020
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Here is my current ranked list of my favorite credit interactives that could be used in our Managing Credit or Types of Credit units. 

#1 INTERACTIVE: Shady Sam: This is our existing companion handout to the engaging and easy to play credit game Shady Sam

#2 INTERACTIVE: FICO Credit Scores: This is our existing virtual adaptation companion handout to the wildly popular FICO Credit Score Simulator

#3 INTERACTIVE: Play the Credit-Score Game. We used pieces of the WSJ interactive to develop Move Up and Down with Credit Scores.

#4 INTERACTIVE [NEW]: Credit Reports. I built these wordwalls out as a classroom teacher to better engage students in learning what is included in each credit report. Okay, I kind of cheated here and included three interactives and listed them as one :-). 

#5 INTERACTIVE: FICO Loan Savings Calculator. This is an excellent and simple resource to illustrate side by side with credit scores how much more expensive loans can cost with lower credit scores. We used this in the lesson CALCULATE: Impact of Credit Score on (Auto) Loans.

#6 INTERACTIVE: Credit Card Payoff Calculator. This simple to use calculator makes it a sinch for students to explore the true cost of credit card debt. If you don’t have time to pull together your own activity using the calculator, try ours: CALCULATE: Shopping with Interest

#7 INTERACTIVE: Credit Across US Communities: This is our existing companion handout to the NY Federal Reserve community credit health data visualization tool.  

#8 INTERACTIVE [NEW]: 2020's States with the Highest & Lowest Credit Scores. This is an engaging tool to use as a bell ringer to pique student interest and springboard into a conversation about why credit scores vary so much from state to state.

#9 INTERACTIVE: Compounding Cat Insanity: This is our existing companion handout to the brief game Cat Insanity, ideal to introduce the compounding and frustrating consequences of high-interest debt. 

BONUS: NPR Life Kit Tricks To Improve Your Credit Score: This is one the best credit scoring articles I’ve read. It’s digestible to teens, full of tried and true tricks, and doesn’t read like a text book.

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