May 10, 2019

Reading List for May 11-12



  • We will start with Investing this week because this week's biggest news is today’s Uber’s IPO. Here is all you need to know about the one of the largest IPOs! (NYT)

Uber was priced at $45/share--the “low end,” and keeping the valuation at $82B, well below the expected $100B. Looks like “low end” wasn’t low enough. Watching CNBC Squawk Box as the market was “building the book” before the first trade was fascinating as the anticipated first trade dropped from $48 to BELOW the $45 pricing. By 11:30 AM the term “train wreck” became a common description of the situation! In fact, the opening trade took place at $42 and it closed the day at $41.57.


            -Do you think that maybe the drivers’ strike had anything to do with that? (NPR). (Have your students played Can You Make It As An Uber Driver yet?)

            -Was it just bad timing? (MarketWatch)

            -Did the Lyft IPO experience influence the pricing. (Yahoo Finance)

            -Or is a bet on UBER (and Lyft) really a bet on self-driving cars. (Wired)

            -What do these IPOs mean for the drivers as they moved to driverless cars? Waymo announced its partnership with Lyft (

            -What do these IPOs mean for the cost to riders? (MarketWatch) 

  • In other market news, volatility has increased significantly this week, and the China trade issues seem to be driving it. (WAPO)


  • Reading past the headlines: Tim and Christian’s blog explains why this Tallahassee news station’s headline on new Florida legislation means something quite different regarding “mandatory” financial education.


  • How Tech is finally changing banking as it has changed other industries. (The Economist)


  • Why is it so hard to get a small (under $70,0000) mortgage? (WSJ)


  • A whopping 42% of Americans are at risk of retiring broke. (CNBC)
  • Banking on Social Security? Marketwatch just published Richard Quinn’s Ten Commandments of Retirement. (originally posted on Humble Dollar)


  • Here is an interesting article on the impact of education on fertility and what that might mean for our economic future. (The Economist

Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Here is a moving letter from a student to a community college composition professor. (Inside Higher Ed)

Mother’s Day

  • Motley Fool’s Maurie Backman thanks her mother for her solid financial advice. (USA Today)

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