Oct 16, 2018

Launching a Topic with a PBS Two Cents Video

Over the summer I had posted a couple of Kahoots based on Two Cents videos on the FinLit Fanatics! Facebook Page.  These generated some interest, and after an unplanned hiatus, I am finally posting some more.  The videos are between 4-6 minutes long, are well researched, entertaining, and they are pitched at an appropriate level for high school students.  

This Google Sheet contains the following elements for ten of the videos:

1) The title of the video, which links to the video itself.

2) A brief description of the contents of the video.

3) A link to a Kahoot to test comprehension after viewing the video.

4) A couple of discussion questions to get a conversation going based on the main themes of the video.

I plan to create Kahoots and discussion questions for all of the videos that are appropriate for students (the series is actually targeted at young adults), and will update the sheet as more videos are produced, so keep checking in!  In the mean time, I hope this saves you some time and gives you some options to change things up in your classroom from time to time.

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