Curriculum Updates: Where Are the Full Year Course Comprehension Questions?

Sep 03, 2021
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If you've been using the NGPF Full Year Course, you may have noticed that the Comprehension Questions for each lesson are no longer available on the website. So, what happened and how can you still access them? Read more below to find out! 


What happened to the comprehension questions? 

Findings from one of our surveys showed that the comprehension questions are not nearly as widely used as we thought, so the NGPF Curriculum Team decided to retire these questions over the summer! We also came up with a more convenient way for teachers to assess their students (more on that below!)  


How can I still access the retired comprehension questions? 

You can access the retired questions by following these steps: 

  1. Go to and make sure you are logged into your teacher account. 
  2. Go to the Supplemental Resources page in the Teacher Toolkit.
  3. Scroll down to the NGPF Retired Resources section. Click on it to expand the section and open up the spreadsheet by clicking on the button. 
  4. You will find all of the retired comprehension questions (Student-facing Google Doc and Form and Answer Keys) in the first tab! 


NOTE: The NGPF Curriculum Team will no longer be actively maintaining these comprehension questions, which means that they will likely become outdated over time. Please be sure to go through all of the questions and update accordingly before using them with students. 


How can I continue to assess students for each lesson? 

Great question! We knew teachers might still want to conduct formative assessments with their students to check for understanding. The NGPF Curriculum Team has updated all of the Exit Ticket questions at the end of each Full Year Course lesson so that it serves as a mini-assessment. Each Exit Ticket will consist of 3 multiple-choice questions that students can answer (in a Google Doc or Google Form.) These questions are only accessible to teachers so students will have to wait for teachers to provide them at the end of the lesson to find out what they are. A few benefits of this new format are: 

  • You can quickly check for understanding at the end of each lesson without having to administer a long quiz 
  • You can print out the Google Doc version of the Exit Ticket and collect them from students before they leave class 
  • You can save time on grading by using the Google Form version of the Exit Ticket 
  • You can string all of the Exit Ticket questions for each lesson together to create a practice test before administering the unit test! 


BONUS: In addition to these Exit Tickets, you can formatively assess and/or do a review of the content covered in a unit by using the Kahoot or Quizizz we've created for each unit in the Full Year Course! 

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