Feb 24, 2020

GOOGLE FORMS - Video #9: How to Add Answer Feedback in Google Forms

There are many benefits to using Google Forms in the classroom. Not only can some responses be graded automatically, but you can also add answer feedback to deepen the learning and reflection in your classroom.  Amanda Volz has created a series of tutorial videos demonstrating tips and tricks when using Google Forms in the classroom. NGPF offers a variety of assignments and assessments in Google Forms format that are ready for you to use! 

The NINTH VIDEO in this series demonstrates how to add answer feedback in a Google Form. 

  • 1:00 - Adding answer feedback to a multiple-choice question
  • 1:56 - Adding a link or video in your answer feedback
  • 3:01 - Adding feedback to a short answer question
  • 4:23 - What does the feedback look like from the student perspective? 

Continue checking the blog over the next few weeks for the final videos in this 12-part series! 


Want to jump ahead and view all of the Google Form tutorial videos? You can check them out here! 

About the Author

Amanda Volz

Amanda joins the NGPF Team with over 20 years of experience teaching personal finance. During that time, she led her students to hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships, won multiple awards, and most importantly, impacted the financial lives of thousands of high school students. Amanda prides herself on being an educational leader and is constantly looking for innovative ways to make the classroom relevant, rigorous, and fun. She is a passionate advocate for financial education and has been a long-time member of the NGPF community. Fun fact - Amanda was NGPF’s first teacher account! When Amanda isn’t working, she enjoys cooking, gardening, and traveling with her husband and two children.

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