Chart of the Week: Trends in Worldwide Population (1950-2050)

Feb 24, 2020
Chart of the Week, Did You Know...?

Fascinating chart showing trends in world population and predictions for the future (Yale GlobalOnline


  • What are three major trends you can identify from this chart that have occurred between 1950 and 2020? 
    • Do most of the trends you identified represent improvements in the standard of living around the world? 
  • What do you see as the most significant change projected to occur between 2020 and 2050? 
  • One of the changes happening in many developed countries (including the U.S.) is the aging population? What impact do you think that (higher %age of people over 65) will have on the economy? 
  • Why do you think there has been and expected to be more migration to cities and increased urbanization? 
  • As an entrepreneur looking at this data, what opportunities do you see in the future? Recall that entrepreneurs are always looking for growing markets...


Thanks to NGPF super intern Ansh for compiling the last 20+ Charts of the Week in this document. 


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