May 20, 2020
Professional Development

NEW! NGPF Academy for 2020-21

One year ago, we had a vision to recognize and reward teachers through a program called NGPF Academy. Teachers would receive credits based on their participation in professional development. As they moved up each level (10 hours) they would receive NGPF swag and bragging rights as an NGPF [fill in status here]. What happened next has been truly remarkable. For the year ending on May 31st, close to 5,000 educators have participated in more than 60,000 hours of professional development. How awesome is that! 

So, what's the plan for 2020-21? We will continue to provide you with engaging PD that builds your content knowledge, fosters collaboration and provides you with resources that you can implement with your students. We will continue to listen to what you are telling us on how best to support your work during these uncertain times.

As an added bonus this year, in addition to that awesome NGPF swag, you will also receive Amazon gift cards as you complete 10 hour increments of PD (we will retain the mystery of the swag): 

 Example: This example below is provided for illustrative purposes to show that swag gets sent out in the quarter that you achieve a certain level.

Some teachers have already earned Senior status (40 hours of NGPF PD) in the first month of the Academy Year (June). Swag/gift cards are sent out every quarter (you will receive the swag/gift card for the benchmarks that you most recently achieved. NGPF Academy Credits will compile throughout the 2020/21 school year. 

For example, those who reach 10 credits during the summer and become NGPF Academy Freshpersons will be sent out their swag/gift card at the end of the first quarter (ending August). You should receive them by September 30th. We find that most educators who achieved Senior status in 2019-20 kept racking up those PD hours. Why? They tell us they LOVE NGPF PD! 

This is just an example, you can earn as little or as many hours a month as you like. 

  • Once you complete 10 hours of NGPF PD during the 2020-21 school year
    • You will receive a $100 gift card + NGPF Swag (please be sure your home address is in the NGPF Profile)
  • Then, You complete an additional 12 hours of NGPF PD and now have total NGPF Academy credits of 22 hours
    • You will receive a $125 gift card + NGPF Swag when the next swag shipment is sent (quarterly)
  • You complete 8 hours of NGPF PD and now have total NGPF Academy credits of 30 hours
    • You will receive a $150 gift card + NGPF Swag when the next swag shipment is sent (quarterly)
  •  You complete 10 hours of NGPF PD and now have 40 total NGPF Academy Credits
    • You will receive a $200 gift card + NGPF Swag when the next swag shipment is sent (quarterly)

Here's some answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs): 


Will the PD hours I gain from participating in the certification courses count towards NGPF Academy credits?
Yes they will. We will also continue to offer standalone one hour virtual PDs this summer that will earn you NGPF Academy credits too. Look for the summer schedule to be posted by May 27th.
Where will you be sending the NGPF Swag?
While the status of school openings is unclear, we will be sending swag to home addresses. Please be sure to list your home address on your NGPF Profile Page....otherwise we can't send swag.
When can I expect to receive the gift cards and swag?
We generally strive to have gift cards and swag out to you by 30 days after the end of the Academy quarter. Here's the anticipated delivery schedule:
  • 1st quarter: June-August: Swag and gift cards delivered by September 30th
  • 2nd quarter: September - November: Swag and gift cards delivered by December 31st
  • 3rd quarter: December - February: Swag and gift cards delivered by March 30th
  • 4th quarter: March - May: Swag and gift cards delivered by June 30th
What about the 2019-20 NGPF Academy Year?
We will be sending out the NGPF swag by June 30th for those who earned swag for this Academy Year.
When does the new Academy year begin and end?
June 1st, 2020 begins the 2020-21 NGPF Academy year which will end on May 31st, 2021
Do credits from the 2019-20 Academy year carry over?
Nope. Your NGPF Academy balance restarts at 0 starting on June 1st, 2020.


Register for NGPF's certification courses here. Currently three are being offered: investing, banking and budgeting and credit. More detailed information here


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