What Are The Five Most Valuable Brands In The World?

Mar 12, 2017
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From BrandFinance:

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  • What does the word “brand” mean to you?
  • How does a company “build a brand?”
  • How would you think about valuing a brand?
    • According to BrandFinance: “it’s an internationally recognized term that represents “a marketing-related intangible asset including, but not limited to, names, terms, signs, symbols, logos and designs, or a combination of these, intended to identify goods, services or entities, or a combination of these, creating distinctive images and associations in the minds of stakeholders, thereby generating economic benefits/value”.
  • Why do you think the top 5 brands are all based in the United States?
  • Do you think there is a relationship between the strength of brand and the size of a corporation? Check out Yahoo Finance and find the market value (as defined by Market Capitalization) for each of these top 5 companies.
  • Click on the BrandFinance link above and find the top financial service brands?
  • What are the types of events that can diminish the value of a brand? Can you think of any companies that have recently had events like this?


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