Financial Educator Community Launches Q&A Forum

Jan 14, 2016
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Where can I go to ask a question and tap into the collective wisdom of the community?

When we heard this multiple times from teachers, we thought “Let’s build a solution.” Today, we present the NGPF Q&A Forum. With the help of a few dozen educators who seeded the site with questions and answers, we already have a comprehensive and diverse set of answers to your questions such as:

Your Forum is off to a great start! As of mid-day on January 14th, you can already find: more than 50 questions and 150 responses to questions.  How do we keep the momentum going?

You just need to take these two simple steps:

  • REGISTER HEREWe believe a community operates best when educators know who they are communicating with. We promise NEVER to disclose your email to any third parties. 
    • ANSWER TWO different questions on the Q&A Forum
      • The more detailed your answers, the more you help other teachers in the community

    So, why participate in the NGPF Forum Challenge? 

    • $2,500 in Grant Money Available For the Most Active States!
      • Encourage your colleagues to participate since the five (5) states with the most Q&A Forum Registrants (bymidnight on 1/21/16) will each receive $500 to support financial literacy work in their state.  
        • Each state must have a minimum of 40 registrants to qualify for a grant so tap into your networks!
        • Look for updates throughout the week on the NGPF Blog
    • Recognition as an NGPF Q&A Forum Innovator 
      • Complete the TWO steps described above by January 21, 2016 and you will be recognized as an NGPF Q&A Forum Innovator 

    Ready, set, go…answer those questions!



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