The Power of Community: Want To Benefit From The Insights Of Over 900 FinLIt Fanatics?

Nov 07, 2018
Teaching Strategies, Tips for Teachers

Our FinLit Fanatics group is now approaching 1,000 educators!!!!! 

Why are teachers joining in droves? In short: Connections, Community and Collaboration. Whether you have a vexing technical question, want tips on how to implement a specific activity or just want to rave about how well your class went today, FinLit Fanatics is the place to go. Post a question and almost immediately you will garner responses from an amazing group of passionate educators who want to help! 

Recent posts garnering the most comments from the community:

  • Teach students to reconcile a checkbook! Yes or no? [86 comments]
  • Hi everyone. I pair NGPF material into the second quarter of an economics class. I just covered the basics of budgeting and was going to spend a few days on college (choosing, paying, etc.). I have a handful of students that are moving right into job placement upon graduation, though, and do not want to waste their time if they know they are not going to college. Any suggestions on what these students could focus on during the college lessons (we already did the personalized budget as a whole class, so that is not an option)? Thank you in advance! [16 comments]
  • I usually teach students how to complete a 1040EZ. Now that that form is gone, what form are you teaching your students to complete? As I understand it, the new form is only still in draft form. Suggestions? [15 comments]
  • I have an observation next week. Any ideas for a class of seniors? [12 comments]

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