Nov 05, 2020

NGPF's 8-Hour and 18-Hour Workshops Are Now Retired

NGPF's 8-Hour and 18-Hour Workshops have been retired! While we're sad to see them go, NGPF has a lot of other courses and curriculum to choose from that can meet the needs of your students and class! Keep reading to find out more below. 


What does "retirement" mean? 

The 8-Hour and 18-Hour Workshops will no longer be available through the NGPF website or be actively maintained. 


Why were they retired?

Most educators primarily use the other NGPF courses, such as the Full Year CourseSemester Course9-Week Course, or Middle School Course! Easily compare NGPF's courses using the Course Comparison Chart



What if I still want to use these workshops? 

You can still access these workshops in the [RETIRED] tab of the NGPF Answer Key spreadsheet! Just remember that these workshops will not be actively maintained, so please use with caution.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at! 


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