Video: What Does It Take to Be An Effective Altruist?

Aug 03, 2016
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Sorry, but on a roll now with this theme of charitable giving (check out this podcast with Eileen Heisman, leader in the world of philanthropy). Here is a thought-provoking TED video with Peter Singer, ethicist from Princeton (Warning: the first 1:30 of this 17 minute video involves a car accident involving a young child is extremely difficult to watch for many reasons) :

What do I like about the video?

  • He addresses head-on many objections that people have to giving:
    • How much of a difference can I make?
    • Am I expected to abandon my career?
    • Isn’t charity/bureaucratic and ineffective anyway?
    • Isn’t it a burden to give up so much?
  • In the consumerist world we live in, his message is at the other extreme: less spending on goods, more spending on others
  • Provides a great jumping off point for discussion about altruism and charity and get different student perspectives on it from volunteer activities they complete to charities they have donated to.

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