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Mar 05, 2017
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Oops. Meant to get this out on Friday. Here’s what I have been listening to the past week (or hope to listen to soon):

  • Bill McNabb, CEO of Vanguard Group (Masters in Business with Barry Ritholtz; over one hour). Vanguard recently crossed $4 trillion in assets under management. McNabb describes why index funds are increasing their market share, how Vanguard’s robo-advising business is growing, and the importance of fees when it comes to investing over the long-term. For those interested in learning more about index investing, this is a great primer! McNabb also shares some valuable career advice that he gained from an unlikely mentor.
  • Strong Feelings About Dodd-Frank (Planet Money; 25 minutes): For educators looking to wade into policy and the issues of financial regulation, this podcast won’t disappoint. The hosts wade deep into a few sections of Dodd Frank (Volcker Rule, “too big to fail,” CFPB), talk to experts and then handicap how much will change under the new Administration. These folks find a way to make these issues approachable and yes, even entertaining in that Planet Money kind of way.
  • Bill Walton, basketball great (Axe Files; over one hour): For sports fans out there, I just noticed this one on my feed that I will get to this week. Bill was a star on the UCLA teams that won so many national championships with the great coach John Wooden at the helm. Given his free spirited nature, it will be fun to hear how Walton and the buttoned-down Wooden accommodated each other’s styles to achieve such greatness on the hardwood. Some lessons on leadership for sure and managing diverse teams.


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