You Ain't Saved Nothin' Yet (a credit card classic rock parody)

May 26, 2015
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You may remember Louise Biron as one of our April Financial Literacy Month contest winners for her original Uptown Funk student loan debt parody video. Well, as Director of Financial Aid at  SUNY Cobleskill, Louise is back at it again, helping to increase the financial literacy of her college students using a catchy, funny, chimp-filled music video to teach about responsible credit card usage.

This video and her previous one would be great to show your students and then assign them to do the same — parody your favorite song to teach fin lit concepts. Sounds like a great end-of-the-year project to keep your students engaged.

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Jessica Endlich

When I started working at Next Gen Personal Finance, it's as though my undergraduate degree in finance, followed by ten years as an educator in an NYC public high school, suddenly all made sense.

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