NGPF Elite Eight (Game 4): Thursday Throwdown as #4 FICO Score Simulator battles #5 Spent

Mar 28, 2018
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FINAL SCORE: Spent Edges FICO Score Simulator, 35-28, in Defensive Struggle


Today’s Tilt:

All but 1 of NGPF’s FINANCIAL FOUR resources have been decided. Today’s Marquis Matchup of FICO Score Simulator and Spent proves to be an absolute dogfight for the last spot in the FINANCIAL FOUR. Then, tomorrow - tune in and let your voice be heard to decide who will compete on Monday, April 2 for the title of NGPF’s 2018 Resource of the Year!

FICO Score Simulator and Spent both hail from the downright NUTTY Interactives Division, a library of simulations, games and interactive maps that hook students and help them build context around your grittiest, toughest learning objectives.

As the #4 seed and 3 point Vegas favorite in the bout, FICO Score Simulator arrived at the NGPF Elite 8 practice facility with near pompous confidence. With three star players - Sam Spendthrift, Jessica Creditsmart and Danielle Debtfree - all slated to be first rounders in this year’s draft class, it’ll be tough for #5 seed Spent to contend with this star-studded resource.

FICO Sim player Jessica Creditsmart, predicted to be the #1 overall pick this year in the National Budgeting Association (NBA) Draft, could be overheard chanting in the team’s locker room:

“We manage our credit.

That’s right, I said it.

And those geezers from Spent?

Yeah, they’re gonna regret it.”

Or will they? Jenny Nicholson, Spent’s creator and coach, had this to say before the matchup:

Spent is a veteran tool in the interactive league, with over six million plays in the last seven years. It’s got depth and heart and is a no-brainer to go all the way.”

Can this eye-opening, anxiety-provoking simulation of living paycheck-to-paycheck shock and awe the crowd with a hard-nosed victory against the higher-seeded FICO Score Simulator?


As always, we turn to our professional March Madness commentator, Melissa:

"This is the kind of matchup every fan dreams of. Completely different topics, mentalities, and styles with the same goal: engage the students to the highest extent. Here's the thing. If we were talking offense alone (offense being the interactive itself), Spent would take it by a landslide. But you have to think about the NGPF-formulated defense that is the Activity for the FICO Credit Scores. A good offense against a good defense is a tough one to call. Although Spent is technically the underdog, I think the versatility of this resource is underlooked and is really the TOP DOG. You heard it right here."

Vegas has weighed in with FICO as the slight favorite on this one.



Don’t forget to vote via the blog tomorrow in both FINANCIAL FOUR matchups!

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