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Aug 31, 2019
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We all know that things are always changing in the world of Personal Finance. We bring you a weekly reading list of news related to Personal Finance, Economics, and other topics relevant for teachers, but what if you want to hone in on what’s been happening in just one topic?

This year, the “What’s New With” series of blogs is a bit different than in the past. We are pulling in fewer articles on each topic, but going into more depth within the blog to explain what has been happening. For example, the first one on Taxes came out in April and covers most of the major changes to the tax code. 

As the school year begins and you look to update your curriculum, you might want to check out these posts from the last few months. Labor Day Weekend is a great time to see if you’ve missed anything.

Published so far this year:

And coming next week….look out for:

What’s New With Insurance

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