Apr 18, 2023

7 Reasons Common Sense Hand-Picked NGPF as a Selection for Learning

With Financial Literacy Month well underway, many educators are looking for the best-in-class resources that offer a great personal finance learning experience for students. Learn seven reasons why Common Sense Education, a leading source of technology recommendations for families and schools, chose NGPF as a Selection for Learning

Following the recognition and recently updated review of NGPF’s curriculum, Common Sense editors Tanner Higgin and Bianca DeJesus discussed the NGPF website as part of Common Sense’s Weekly EdTech Review series. Tanner summed NGPF up as “One of the best destinations - free might I add - for financial literacy education for grades 6-12.”


Watch the review:


Here’s what Common Sense Editors love about NGPF: 


1. Easy to customize

 “It’s all in Google Docs, so you can easily modify and adapt them for your own purposes." Even if you're not a Google classroom, you can still export the materials and use them in the best way that works for you.


2. Integrates other highly rated tools

NGPF curriculum is supplemented with other great EdTech tools, such as Desmos Classroom activities, Kahoot!, Quizlet, and Quizizz, Edpuzzle videos, and more. 


3. Addresses topics students care about

Tanner points out that “They address issues that I think are top of mind for students.” For example, the Arcade includes games about how much money you can make driving for Uber, trying to get by on minimum wage, and what it takes to be an influencer.

4. Acknowledges diverse student experiences

 “Next Gen Personal Finance is acknowledging the realities and differing experiences students face, that they’re not all aiming for college, that careers can vary in a lot of different ways,” says Tanner, adding that resources allow students to explore all of their options, including trade schools. See the Alternatives to 4-Year Colleges Mini-UnitAdditionally, NGPF includes content dedicated to Spanish speakers and multilingual learners/ELL students.


5. Lots of great content at no cost

Beyond NGPF’s popular Semester Course, 9-Week Course, Full-Year Course, Middle School Course, and Financial Algebra Course, other content is produced weekly, such as FinCap Friday, Question of the Day, So Expensive, and Interactives. “There is just an overwhelming amount of great stuff," says Tanner.


6. Has a robust PD program

“To cap it all off, some of the best PD I’ve seen in a curricular product,” Tanner says. With in-depth Certification Courses, one-hour Virtual PDs, and On-Demand modules you can do on your own time, there is something for everyone who wants to learn more. Additionally, the NGPF Academy rewards educators with swag for hitting credit milestones. 

7. Keeps current

“A lot of financial literacy has not aged well… Things have changed over the years," says Tanner. "Next Gen is trying to keep up with that.” He cites the variety of resources and activities that explore newer finance trends such as the rising cost of college, cryptocurrency, the gig economy, online scams, and more. 



See for yourself why Common Sense recognized NGPF as a Selection for Learning. Explore the curriculum. 



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