Dec 17, 2021

Reading List for December 17-19


  • The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee Meeting took place this week. Interest rates were not changed, but the taper in asset purchases was accelerated. (NYT Upshot) (NYT-Jeanna Smialek) (CNBC recap)
  • Wholesale prices up a record 9.6% in November (year over year). (CNBC)
  • Congress raises debt ceiling to avoid default. (CNBC)
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of New York published its survey of Consumer Expectations. Check out the interactive graphics which break down expectations by all sorts of demographic categories.


Investing - NFTs

  • CNET explains what NFTs are.
  • CNET also explains what can go wrong when trading NFTs. The story of the bored ape yacht club.
  • Even Melania Trump is getting in on the NFT action, launching her own platform. (CNN)


Investing – Graph of the Week

  • This Scatter Plot shows the relationship (none) between one year's stock returns and the next year.


Budgeting – Holiday Shopping

  • Christmas will cost more this year. Here is a good breakdown of how inflation is hitting holiday purchases. (VOX)
  • Nintendo Switch and Microsoft XBOX are outpacing Sony PS5 this season. It is more about availability than popularity. (Business Insider)
  • Where are the holiday deals this year? Shoppers aren’t finding many. (WAPO-subscription may be required) 


Student Loans

  • At least 76 colleges and universities have pulled student loans out of their student aid packages, digging deep to provide more scholarship and grant awards to needy students instead. (WAPO – subscription may be required) 
  • Here is some advice about restarting student loan repayments. (NYT-subscription may be required)



  • If you will live to 100, how many more years will you work, and how will you last? The Atlantic
  • Buffalo started a trend. Now Starbucks workers at two Boston cafes file for union election. (CNBC)

Pitfalls – Internet Security

  • Have you heard of the Log4j software bug? Neither had I. CNET tells you what you need to know.

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